Q – I am not a fitness professional, can I still attend the women’s health and fitness summit?

A – Of course! There are no prerequisites other than a passion for women’s health and fitness

Q – I am a fitness professional, can I earn Fitness Australia CECs for attending?

A – YES, we will be applying for CEC points and these will be announced shortly!


Q – Will the WHFS increase my FITREC professional rating?

A – Your attendance at the WHFS is rated a LEVEL B learning opportunity with FITREC, so yes, it will increase your FITREC rating when added to your profile. We encourage you to include a review of your experience, so that other professionals can appreciate the value of this opportunity.



Q – Can I film the presentations?

A – No sorry, no recording is permitted of the sessions.

Q – Will I need to take notes?

A – Notes will either be provided as part of each session, or the presenter will email you notes after the session. We recommend you bring pen and paper and  you may also wish to take note of contact details of the people you meet during the networking session.

Q – Will there be items / products for sale?

A – Yes, there will be a trade show with information, products and educational resources for sale.

Q – How much does it cost to attend?

A – Please visit our Registration page for more information. 

Q – If I have purchased a ticket but can no longer attend, can I give it to someone else or have my money back?

A – Tickets are non refundable. If you wish to transfer your ticket, you will need to pay an administration fee and notify, in writing, a minimum 7 days prior to the summit date. Transfer information must be sent to info@mishfit.com.au

Q – Are men allowed to attend the women’s health and fitness summit?

A – Of course! Women’s health and fitness is the topic of the summit and everyone is welcome to join us.