If we want to see women’s health being promoted more, then we need to have more female presenters. It is not enough to just offer speaking opportunities… it is necessary that we nurture and support our new presenters to learn the skills to become both engaging and entertaining. This will ensure that the presenters will be highly sought after and their messages will be remembered.

To get up, present and do it well, requires practice and a willingness to learn new skills. In the age of the TED talk, it is simply no longer acceptable to read from a Power Point. We must be #BRAVE to both address the current imbalance of female presenters and get the messages of women’s health out in the most engaging way!

The Platform  is a unique opportunity and signature to the WHFS.

We are proud to announce our 2017 Platform Presenters:

Alison bullock WHFS17

Read about more Alison here

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 Read more about Tanja here

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.28.10 pm

Read more about Carol here

sonia hennesayRead more about Sonia here

Platform Ambassadors!

This year we have 2 amazing Platform Ambassadors: Marietta Mehanni and Lisa Westlake, who between them have many years and presenting experience.

Please join us on Sunday 29th October, when we acknowledge the collective effort of everyone involved in The Platform. And watch these 4 women shine!

Previous Platform Presenters:

Kylianne Farrell had to say 2 years on from her WHFS15 Platform opportunity:

“When I applied for The Platform I had no idea of the adventure that was about to begin, I embarked on a journey of personal and professional growth that allowed me to take risks despite fear, create and take opportunities, and connect with an incredible tribe of passionate and influential women, who are at the forefront of creating change and deeply impacting those around them.

After The Platform I was able to return to the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit in 2016 to present on something very close to my heart, and most recently has led to the opportunity to present at FILEX 2017, which I am incredibly humbled and excited to be a part of. Proving that having someone like Mish believe in us before we believe in ourselves, daring to speak up, own our stories not be owned by them and be committed to the journey that lies before us can lead to us being able to achieve those things that we once thought were out of reach!”

Platform Presenters 2016:

Davia McMillan, Sarah Housler, Danielle Paki and Leisa Meyer

You can watch their presentations here:

 2015 Platform Presenters

Heba Shaheed and her presentation on Pelvic pain and hypertonic pelvic floor

Christy Collier and her presentation on Exercise and breast cancer survival

Carol Archer and her presentation on Creating a pelvic floor exercise program and changing the gym environment

Kylianne Farrell and her presentation When a FitPro prolapses