Closing Keynote Speaker – Clementine Ford

BIO – Clementine Ford is a freelance writer, broadcaster and public speaker based in Melbourne.

She has a regular column in Daily Life, contributes to the Sydney Morning Herald and author of the best selling book Fight Like a Girl.

Clementine is a powerful champion of feminism, pop culture and social issues.

BIO – Haley Shevener is a seasoned fitness professional, certified through the ACSM, RKC, and USAW. With a particular interest in pre- and postnatal athleticism, and training clients with pelvic floor dysfunction, Haley holds multiple certifications specific to training during these chapters. Haley’s coaching practice is built on a foundation of body positivity, a lifelong love of movement, and the belief that strength is empowering.
TOPIC – Female specific approach to Kettlebell training.
Learn to train with kettlebells with a female-specific approach! Haley simplifies the use of kettlebells and provides an application that is appropriate and scalable for women of all abilities and all stages of life. When used properly, kettlebells are an excellent tool for building functional strength and power that translates to life beyond the gym.

BIO – Robin is a physiotherapist & immensly passionate motion geek. She brings extensive knowledge from 33 years of solid learning and work experience. On an average day in the clinic she treats world champions through to 96 years old incontinent women….and she really loves her work.

TOPIC – Art Greets Science in Motion Masterclass Part A: Myth Busting & Part B: Practical Solutions

BIO – Antony Lo, The Physio Detective, is an APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who works in a niche area involving women’s health, musculoskeletal and sports problems. He works as a clinician and educates health and fitness professionals around the world. He has a passion for women’s health and a mission to change the world!
TOPIC – Art Greets Science in Motion Masterclass Part A: Myth Busting & Part B: Practical Solutions

BIO – Lisa Westlake is a fitness instructor, physiotherapist, author and a highly regarded national and international presenter. She combines over 25 years of experience in both physio and fitness to provide a range of programs for people of all ages and fitness levels. Lisa pioneered Fitball in Australia , has worked actively to improve quality in all fitness programming and particularly in the area of womens health and exercise prescription. Lisa was in the first group of bodyART instructors in Australia and is now level one and master trainer qualified in this new program.
TOPIC – Dare to Unite & Dare to Create a Pelvic Floor

BIO – Dr Janet Hall, speaker, hypnotherapist, author of 15 books on sex and 17 audio recordings, is your guide in the art of sensational sexual success.
Dr Jan is one of Australia’s leading experts in understanding the psychology of sexual behaviour. Her gift is to make psychological information user-friendly, easily understood, and easy to apply.
Dr Jan is a recommended media consultant for the Australian Psychological Society and is regularly asked to comment on current issues for newsprint, television and radio. She has appeared on many major television programs including “Good Morning Australia”, “Sex-Life”, “The Glasshouse”, “Mornings” and “A Current Affair”. Enlightening and entertaining, Dr Jan affirms, encourages, and empowers you to make changes that will have long term positive effects for the rest of your life.
TOPIC – The Elusive Orgasm

BIO – The matriarch of Braveness is a well-accomplished athlete! Winning a Karate World Championship & completing a Half Ironman World Championship race. Through her own battles with Mental Health and Injuries, Cindy believed in herself, finding a path to happiness, moving pain free.  She now empowers others to do the same.
TOPICZUU is Liberated Human movement! A HIIT, low impact, injury prevention training.  ZUU creates a culture and community bringing humans together.  With an easy entry point for any fitness level to begin, ZUU will have you connecting, sweating and smiling your way through a class while mobilising your whole body. 
BIO – Alex is a senior physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries and pelvic health issues.
Alex has taught in both the undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy courses at the University of Melbourne. She is a clinical expert in the management of pelvic girdle pain and continues to educate in this field.
Alex has two postgraduate diplomas in pelvic health and is the National Chair of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s, Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Group (WMPHPA) and a director of Pelvic Health Melbourne and Symmetry Physiotherapy. Her passion is “to improve pelvic health outcomes” for every Australian man, woman, and child.

TOPIC – A United Approach between Physio & Fitness to Pelvic Girdle Pain and DRAM
This 90 minute session will be action packed filled with detailed anatomy, leading edge research on reliable and valid measures of DRAM and how to interpret these measure for you and your client. In our discussion we will look broader at the influence of the diaphragm, thorax and other neuromuscular and fascial connections which may affect the ability of a woman to regain function control.


BIO – Sami is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, focused on Pregnancy and Postpartum care. Having trained under Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement) she brings a whole-body approach to her practice, Body & Birth Physiotherapy. She is passionate about educating women and professionals alike to save the world, one pelvic floor at a time!

TOPIC – Exercise during Pregnancy: Considerations to optimise Pelvic Floor and Core outcomes Postpartum.